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Fulfilling Lives through Chinese Metaphysics

Metaphysics Atelier

We are a boutique Chinese metaphysics consultancy in Singapore that uses authentic tools to bring about more fulfilling lives for our clients. We offer advice on chinese date selection for weddings, renovations, as well as personalised bazi personality reports and many more.
Customised packages are available upon request. Contact us today!
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Go beyond life’s basics with Chinese Metaphysics
Latest Product

2020 Personalised Annual Report

Launching our brand new 2020 personalised annual report! It contains both the month and yearly Qimen Dunjia Chart and provides practical observations and advice from a Bazi perspective.

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2020 Personalised Annual Report
Our Services
Time-tested ancient wisdom adapted for the digital age. Empower yourself with Chinese Metaphysics today!

We endeavour to:

  • Enrich and empower your life with Chinese Metaphysics
  • Use authentic time-tested principles based on Yin and Yang and the Five Elements
  • Say No to “fengshui” items
  • Respect our clients and treat client’s information with utmost confidentiality
  • Conduct our business with integrity and professionalism
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Auspicious Chinese Date Selection

Are you intending to get married, move house or starting an important activity? Give an added advantage to your endeavours by selecting a good date. Get our auspicious Chinese date selection report today!

Chinese Divination Report (Quick Report)

Want a second opinion about life’s many choices but don’t really want to pick a fortune stick? Get answers to your questions fast, with our Chinese divination report today!

Chinese Bazi Profiling Report (Gold/Gold Plus)

Like a personality test, our Chinese Destiny Profiling (Bazi) report helps one to reduce risks and make better decisions. The time-tested Destiny Profiling (bazi) is fully adapted for the digital age. Order your Chinese Bazi Profiling Report (Gold/Gold Plus ) today!

Fengshui House Selection (Coming Soon)

Can’t decide which apartment or shop unit is the best? Save time and money with us! We utilise authentic SanHe and Imperial Fengshui methods for effective results.

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