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Points to ponder...
Have you ever felt that some days are better than the other days? You have come so far and made the preparations. Wouldn’t you want to select a good date for your important activities?

What if I tell you that there is a way to help you reach your goals just by choosing a better time and day?

Have you ever gone to a fengshui (Geomancy) consultation or Bazi (Chinese profiling) reading only to be disappointed?

What if I tell you that you for fengshui and Chinese metaphysics, you can wear any colour that you like and not spend money on buying figurines of mystical animals?

Have you ever

felt that we need some extra guidance from the universe especially on the important decisions in life?

Have you ever

felt that a particular event or activity could have turned out better if we choose another time and day?

Have you ever

felt that some houses which underwent some fengshui (Geomancy) audit ended up looking like a retail shop for selling figurines or even a temple?

Don't fret. We feel the same and (have) been through it all.
You can expect to receive the following:
Better clarity

about your personality and career choices


date selection for all your important activities


and modern application of Chinese metaphysics

Fair pricing

without the need to “upsize your package” for mystical figurines and magic crystals

Free resources

and bite sized articles for reading and knowledge sharing

The “ability”

to know which helps one to make a more informed decision for important decisions

Photo showing the 5 elements of nature
Bazi Report done by Metaphysics Atelier
And no, we will never sell or recommend our clients to buy any mystical or lucky figurines/charms from us or any third-party vendors.

For those who are curious about our Chinese name (三才工作坊), the word “三才” (Three gifts) actually refers to Heaven, Earth and Man and comes from the ancient Chinese text Yi-Ching which is loosely translated as the Book of Changes. The full sentence is as follows:“有天道焉,有人道焉,有地道焉。兼三才而两之,故六。六者非它也,三才之道也”. We call ourselves a “工作坊” (working lab) because of the firm belief that learning is an ongoing process. We will never call ourselves as masters for the world of Chinese metaphysics is multifaceted with long historical roots. As such, continuous research and education is a must.

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