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Auspicious Chinese Date Selection

Every day is a good day but obviously some days are better than others. Since time immemorial, mankind has selected special days for pursuing different activities. The Chinese method of date selection involves both examining the energy of the day and season, and matching it with the selected activity. You’ve worked hard and done your preparation. Now give yourself an extra boost by selecting a good date for your different endeavours. Do contact us for more information.

Note: We do not offer a service for date selection of Caesarean Births. For such services, you may consult well known practitioners such as Master Kevin Foong  Master Jo Ching.

Chinese Divination Report (Quick Report)

Let us be honest with ourselves. Haven’t we all wanted a second or even third opinion at some point in our lives especially when we are at the cross roads of major decisions? For the Chinese who are more religiously inclined, many of us would go to places of worship and attempt to seek Divine’s guidance through the fortune sticks.

Our Chinese Divination Report (Quick Report)offers the asker an additional opinion by providing extra information through cross referencing two major metaphysics techniques namely, the Yi Jing and Qimen Dunjia. Join thousands of others who have benefited from these ancient wisdoms.


Chinese Destiny Profiling Report of Metaphysics Atelier
Chinese Bazi Profiling Report (Gold)

We are hardworking individuals but who wouldn’t mind a roadmap or some guidance on what else we can do to achieve greatness in life?

Money isn’t everything, but more money would certainly go a long way to helping us achieve our dreams. Wouldn’t it be great if we can have some insights into our DNA?

Did you know that while a common personality test such as the MBTI offers 16 different personality combinations, Chinese Destiny Profiling has at least 3000 over personality types from a combination of 10 stems, 12 branches, 10 major profile types and 4 major structures (Vibrant, Strong, Follower, Weak)? A Chinese Bazi Profiling Report (Gold) can tell us more about ourselves and similar to MBTI  help us make an informed decision about our life’s goals.

Don’t miss out. Make an informed decision today.

Photo example of personalized annual report
2020 Personalised Annual Report (New Product)

Have you ever thought about what it is like to be prepared for upcoming challenges? For a limited period, we are launching the 2020 personalised annual report. Each report will contain both the month and yearly Qimen Dunjia Chart and provides practical observations and advice from a Bazi perspective. Each report is personalised and carefully vetted instead of machine generated readings and because of the resources it takes to produce one report, we are only taking in orders for 30 reports and may increase to 50 depending on the demand. Take the time to invest in your future now; be prepared for 2020!

Metaphysics Atelier Jeffery Soong testimony

I cannot think of a more appropriate term to describe Hong Xian (founder of Metaphysics Atelier) other than a passionate practitioner and lifelong student of Chinese metaphysics. He has provided timely and practical guidance on several occasions, when I need more assurance or sensible critique after rational deliberation. Fengshui is expressed in a very natural, sensible and non-religious manner which is at the same time easy to digest for most if not all. He will often provide a good amount of background to the laws of his studies, which frames the particular discussion we are interested in that moment before dispensing advice in both written and oral form. As with seeing a chiropractor or a psychologist, the effects are often anecdotal and the feeling post consultation is definitely positive, eye-opening and I will greatly recommend without hesitation.

- Jeffery Soong

The consultants at Metaphysics Atelier (MA) have been helpful and responsive to my queries and requests. They have also gone beyond the scope of the agreed services and explained the use of Chinese Metaphysics in an easy to understand manner. I recommend their date selection services

- Yong Chin